Friday, May 28, 2010

... the craft

I am way past the middle of the novel that started like a joke and each time comes with new surprises. "When the lights go Out" is a Young Adult Fantasy Novel that tells the story of a young witch. Rhiannon is a character whose personality develops with the discovery of her gifts, gifts she had been afraid to claim because the environment in which she grew forbade people to be who or what they were meant to be.

The beautiful thing, something I wrote before even discovering that I did it is this relationship that develops between Rhian and Brianna. When she meets Keita, she starts to dream, she thinks she is in love, but contact with Keita instead leads her deeper into honing her perceptive vision. She knows there are people there whose destiny intermingles with ours just to let us see ourselves better.

The yet unsolved problem is the disappearance of Jerry, the guy Brianna loves to the point of losing her soul. But before they find him, what shall become of this attraction she'd nurtured for the eccentric Keita? Lets see how it turns... I am working my wits out. But I am not giving it an easy end.

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